Funeral Home Digital Marketing

If your funeral home doesn't have a strong internet presence then you're missing out on a huge number of potential customers. In fact, over 60% of those shopping for a funeral home start online.

Today, people making funeral service arrangements start on Google searching for "funeral home" or on Google Maps. Does your website or business address show up?

If not, think about how many customers aren't able to find you at the moment they need your services.

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Despite most customers using the internet to find funeral services, few funeral home operators do a good job of bringing their business online. In fact, most funeral homes have little or no internet marketing presence at all.

What most funeral home owners do is spend money on a cut-rate website that isn't designed with the customer's needs in mind. They don't maintain the site and it quickly gets outdated. Next, they just sit around and wait for Google to magically start bringing in customers or worse they spend more money on marketing that doesn't work. At this point, most get frustrated and give up.

Now imagine instead you choose to work with an expert team to build a complete internet marketing program including:

After launching an internet marketing program, how much further ahead would you be than your competitors in reaching your customers online?

Our experienced team has helped dozens of businesses grow traffic, sales and profits online. With over 13 years of experience and a love for helping businesses achieve their goals, we are the perfect partner.

Imagine how many more families you could help with an additional 5, 10 or 20+ new clients every month. Ready to talk? Choose a time and schedule a 30-minute strategy call now.

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About Us

Founder and owner, Ryder Meehan, spent over 12 years in the brand and digital marketing industry working at innovative brands like Samsung Mobile, Fossil, Razorfish, Microsoft and Tatcha.  As a Director of Digital Marketing he managed over a dozen agencies over that time and realized there were plenty of brand strategy agency partners out there but few that could deliver performance-based marketing results. It was easy to get beautiful banners and websites designed but getting great SEO and PPC results that were measurable and cost effective was something left to be desired.

With that, we set out to build such an agency. Today, Meehan Digital works with our clients to create a highly customized conversion-optimized web design and complete digital marketing solutions. We execute start-to-finish so you can spend your time focused on strategy and not managing your agency.